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Emiel Custers enjoys double role

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Emiel Custers is having busy times these days. The assistant coach of the Dutch National Team and head coach of the Dutch National Youth Team first is in Salt Lake City (United States) for the third World Cup of the season, followed by the European Youth Championships in Patras (Greece) almost immediately after. Custers believes in Dutch success in both tournaments, although the higher goal is set for next year when the Archery World Championships will come to the Netherlands. 

No nationals for Custers

Emiel Custers has to skip the Dutch championships on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July. As national coach of the Dutch National Youth Team he is used to miss the Dutch Championship, although this years edition with the finals at the Parade feels extra harsh admits Custers. "The nationals are held at the same time with an important youth tournament almost every year. Of course I would have liked to be in 's-Hertogenbosch, but unfortunately you can only be at one place at one time. Fortunately, there undoubtedly will be many photos and videos of the event. "

European Youth Championship

This year Custers is in Patras during the Dutch National Championships. The city in western Greece is famous for the Tomb of the Apostle Andrew and the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. However the coach doesn’t expect to see much of those sights since he is too busy coaching the Dutch Youth Team. "As a coach of the Dutch Junior Team, I have a lot of contact with the regional training centers (RTCs), club trainers and parents. Together we organize their scheme and discuss their development, the training build-up and the number of trainings. At least once a month the members of the Dutch Junior Team meet at Papendal and coach them during tournaments off course.” 

Experience and development

The coach hopes to take some medals back from Greece. But there are more things the national coach looks at. "From one part of the team I expect that they can win medals, such as Gijs Broeksma and Jonah Wilthagen. For the other part of the group, experience and development are most important. Some boys and girls have never been to an international tournament or only once or twice before, for these boys and girls the result is less important than technical execution and how they stick to this stage. Among the more experienced members of the team it is also about attitude, the self-confidence they show at the line and the way they deal with bad luck. These are important steps they have to make to become top archers." 

Recurve team

Custers knows what he is talking about. As a compound archer himself he was once on a World Cup podium and he won one World Cup and two European titles in a team too. He has been involved with Jong Oranje since 2011 and after the London Olympics in 2012 also with the seniors team. With the national team he is aiming for medals at the third World Cup of the season in Salt Lake City this week. The national coach especially has high expectations of the recurve team that consists of Sjef van den Berg, Steve Wijler and Jan van Tongeren. "I think we might have the best Dutch team in history. At the last two World Cups we were already the best of the rest behind South Korea in terms of scores. Since South Korea is not in Salt Lake City it is important to peak at this tournament." But the real peak is set for June 2019, when qualification for the Olympics and the world championships are at stake.
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