Visiting Archery2019

's-Hertogenbosch is host city of the Hyundai World Archery (Para) Championships 2019. The city is located in the heart of the Netherlands and can easily be reached from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, but also by train, car or bus. The easiest way to go from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to ‘s-Hertogenbosch is by train. There is a direct connection between the airport and the city.  

How to get to the venues?

The venues are easy to reach once in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The arena for the finals is located at The Parade, which is located in the historic centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The central station is nearby and all venues (training and qualification fields as well at venue for the finals) can be reached on foot within 10 minutes. Most hotels are within 20 minutes of the competition venues, all locations are accessible for wheelchairs and the volunteers will create a care-free environment for the athletes and international federation.

Airports and trains

‘s-Hertogenbosch is surrounded by Airports.The closest airport is Eindhoven Airport, but also from Schiphol Airport, ‘s- Hertogenbosch can be reached within 60 minutes thanks to a direct train service. Furthermore you can use the convenient direct transfer services between the airports of Weeze, Brussels, Rotterdam or Antwerp by AirExpressBus.

’s-Hertogenbosch is situated in the very heart of the Netherlands and can easily be reached by train. The train station is located in the city centre of ‘s – Hertogenbosch and there is a direct connection or with a single stopover with almost every city. For more information about the departure times and costs, please visit the official website of the domestic passenger rail transport NS


The organizing committee of the Hyundai World Archery (Para) Championships 2019 in 's-Hertogenbosch has carefully selected Archery2019 hotels for atheletes, staff mebers and officials. The Archery2019 hotels are all well located from the venues and offer excellent services. World Archery Member Associations can book their accommodation via WAREOS.

For family, friends and fans ‘s-Hertogenbosch has different accommodations ranging from cheap to deluxe. In the city centre there are various unique (boutique) hotels or cosy Bed & Breakfasts. If your prefer a more adventurous experience, there are several camp sites. Please visit the official 's-Hertogenbosch tourism website for more information about hotels and your visit to the city.